Bio-Washed T-Shirts: The Highest Quality Fabric

Do you know, whether your t-shirt is bio-washed or not? Do you know the necessity of bio-wash or bio-polishing t-shirts or hoodies or any other garments? 

Quality of your t-shirt and how long the print on it will look lustrous depend on the quality of fabric and how it is washed at the time of manufacturing. Dozens of different qualities of fabrics right from the most traditional cotton and linen to the most modern biodegradable fabrics are used to design and manufacture t-shirts, hoodies, and other similar outfits. 

The fabrics that are used in the different kinds of garments we wear are processed and polished systematically. The quality of fabric that emerges soon after the weaving of the cloth is coarse and has a lot of loose and unwanted fibers on the surface of the cloth. This gives an unpolished look to the cloth or the material. As a result, it happens to look a little dull and drab. At this stage, another process is done to offer the material or the fabric with a shiny a new like polish or finish. This is also referred to as washing of the fabric of the material. Bio washed is one of the types of polishing of the material which is done in a natural and sustainable manner. If you are looking for a T-shirt or hoodie customize then you must have them in bio-washed fabric.

Go natural – Advantageous for all 

One of the biggest attributes or features of bio-washed fabrics and T-shirts made out of them is that as opposed to the enzyme-washed materials, these materials are polished with the help of acid and natural enzymes. Harmful chemicals are not applied, which is why these fabrics are safe for the environment and are also completely safe for the skin of the people who will be wearing them. Bio washing has several benefits for the users of bio-washed garments as well as the environment. 

Bio washing makes the fabric more sustainable. There have not been any reports of any skin problems or allergies after using these bio-washed fabrics. At the same time, the process of bio polishing happens to be very much suitable for the environment as a whole. In the process of carrying out this procedure, no such harmful chemicals or other solutions are released into the environment that will create a harmful impact on the environment as a whole.

The procedure

It has been mentioned in the previous part of the discussion that soon after the yarn is made there are microscopic fiber ion the surface that protrudes out of the material surface. This gives the fabric a hairy and fuzzy look. This kind of finish is bound to affect the overall look of any garment. Outfits made with these unpolished fabrics don’t get the attention of the customers. The natural enzymes used in bio washing produces a hydrolysis activity that removers the fibers from the point from where it juts out of the material surface. Bio washing soon after bleaching is considered to be the most beneficial. It can be done in group or persistent mode. This treatment improves the texture of the cloth, prevents pilling, and brightens the color of the material.

Why is the process necessary?

Whenever we are out to shop for new clothes we always look for bright and new shining pieces of apparel. Any clothing which has an old and worn-out look is not really liked or preferred. Albeit there are some garments types where a weather-beaten look is desirable or customers want customized products like hoodie customize or printed t-shirts. However, these are exceptions where in most cases people look for shinning pieces of new clothes. The process of bio washing or polishing happens to be one of the best ways through which scrunching and pilling of clothes can be avoided to a large extent. Further suability of the fabric is also increasing and snoozing of cloth can be avoided. As a result, smooth-looking new clothes are made out of fabrics and garments that have a natural luster. These kinds of clothes are not only safe for the human skin but at the same time, they are also comfortable and convenient as anytime wear. 

Best quality fabrics

What has been said about the process of bio washing or polishing so far one thing that has been stated and quantified is that this is a process which helps to make some of the best quality garments and fabrics – sustainable, look like a new one and undamaged prints. Bio washing keeps fabrics in their best conditions. That is why manufacturers of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other types of apparel are using this method for their products. This is one of the basic methods used to make the best quality clothes for the market. It is safe for the people, the environment, and also for the manufacturers who must sustain the market pressure and competition. 

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