Custom Paint by Numbers from your own photos

What is Custom Painting by Numbers?

Painting by numbers is easy and anyone can do it. In a Paint by Numbers kit, you get a pre-printed canvas template with numbered areas, paint brushes, and numbered. Each number on the canvas corresponds to a specific numbered color that you use to paint that area. You follow the template and paint each area and watch how the finished picture emerges. Anyone can become an artist with a paint by number set.

Painting by numbers has been very popular with young and old hobby painters for many years. The Custom Paint by Numbers is however getting also very trendy: with the personalized Paint by Numbers method you can select your favorite photos and get them customized individually into your own Paint by Numbers kits.Whether holiday photos, wedding pictures or snapshots from everyday life – with Custom Painting by Numbers you can easily transform your own photos into a work of art to be painted by yourself.

How does Custom Paint by Numbers Kits work?

Here is the normal process of getting your own photos or pictures customized into personalized Paint by Numbers:

Select your photo to be converted to paint by number. The photo must be of good quality and have high resolution. The photo should be sharp. If there is a person in it, a slightly blurred background is fine.

Submit your photo to myPaintLab Custom Paint by Numbers throughthe upload page, and define your desired size and package (frame or not framed).

After uploading, you just need to wait for the feedback from the manufacture. myPaintLab Paint by Numbers has the advantage of sending you the digital final effect for you to confirmprior to the production. In this way you get a good idea what you are going to get at the end of the painting project.

CustomPainting by Numbers – a creative gift!

CustomPaint by Numbers own photos isideal for those who are looking for a creative activity with their family or partner. In this creative way they can transfer their memories to the Paint by Numbers Painting themselves.The CustomPainting by Numbers kits are a great gift idea for a variety of occasions.

For example, they are ideal as a gift for your parents on their wedding anniversary. You can transfer a wedding photo or a favorite photo of your parents to the canvas. The gift will allow you to preserve fleeting moments, bring your parents closer together and spend your free time together in an interesting way.

We also recommend CustomPaint by Numbers for kids.If your child is a coloring fan, the Paint by Number kits can be the start of a great adventure with this colorful world. Your child can practice fine motor skills and patience and above all enjoy their own painting success.

Are you going to a housewarming party and don’t have a gift idea? You can also thing ofPainting by Numbers for this occasion. Choose a photo with the hosts, a family photo or a photo of a group of friends and give your loved ones the pleasure of decorating the apartment themselves. You can be sure that painting on canvas in your own home is definitely one of the most enjoyable forms of housewarming gifts.

Are all photos suitable for Custom Paint by Numbers?

Unfortunately, no. Due to many technical reasons, not every photo or image can be transferred to high quality Paint by Numbers painting. That is why it is important to have a preview of the final effects prior to final production. In addition, try to opt for a photo with few details and relative less colors, e.g. a portrait of two people. This way the chance of getting a high quality Custom kit is much better (because Paint by Numbers always have limited colors and spaces to be used in one canvas, and with less unimportant details / colors, the graphic artist can better focus the limited resources for the major objects / persons in the painting to be customized), it also makes painting pictures easier for beginners and does not discourage further painting attempts. Don’t worry – simpler pictures to paint with can be just as attractive as complicated pictures with lots of detail.

Try out the sensational Multi Panel Custom Paint by Numbers!

Custom Multi Panel Paint by Numbers is invented by myPaintLab design team. They convert your photos in Paint by Numbers and split the design into Multi-Panel Paint by Number kits. It is an unique and amazing form of premium custom Paint by Numbers and looks really creative and terrific as gifts or DIY room décor wall art.

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