Emotions & Doubts Surrogate Parents Experience Initially

Many couples worldwide suffer from varied types of fertility issues, making their chances of becoming parents difficult. Despite pumping thousands of dollars into fertility treatment, most of them fail to attain parenthood. In recent times, many unsuccessful couples have adopted a rather innovative reproduction method to experience the joy of parenthood. It’s because of Surrogacy Agencies that thousands of childless families have a baby to take care of now.

Many childless infertile couples have some apparent emotions and doubts about surrogacy before making the final call on going ahead with the procedure.

1. Embarrassment about infertility

Most couples prefer to stay without babies as they don’t want to be blamed for infertility by their friends and family friends. Going by the recent trends in surrogacy, many couples are in the age group of 25-35 years who opt for the reproduction technique. 

Thanks to the privacy clause in surrogacy agreements, the intended parents no longer have to live in fear and embarrassment of being unable to have a child of their own. Surrogacy is the best solution to have a baby despite fertility issues and still maintain a biological relationship through one of the partners.

2. Struggle with the profession

Since the cost of surrogacy is still very high compared to other fertility treatments, childless couples are still in doubt over their chances of becoming parents so quickly. The average cost of surrogacy, including the legal agreement, can set a family back by at least US $100,000. Therefore, most couples who opt for surrogacy are either wealthy businessmen or celebrities. For example, Tyra Banks, Elton John, and Elizabeth Jones have all shown their interest in surrogacy and had it done to extend their family.

Due to the rise in the number of surrogacy and fertility clinics worldwide, the cost of treatment has significantly come down, which means even middle-income families can choose to go for surrogacy.

3. Medical anxiety and depression

Early-life breast cancer or middle-aged depression can’t put an end to the dreams of becoming a parent. Many couples who suffer from depression and medical issues that hamper the chance of their conception have no choice other than surrogacy. Cancer treatment and pills may result in infertility, but pregnancy-related anxieties are no longer relevant thanks to surrogacy.

4. Reliving memories of a lost partner

Many single intending parents wish to become parents using the sperm or the partner’s egg stored in the fertility banks. The death of the partner in a tragic accident or due to cancer is a heart-wrenching moment in life. However, the choice to go with surrogacy using the sperm or egg of the deceased partner can take away a lot of that pain. The arrival of a baby born with an unadulterated biological relationship with the deceased partner is a beautiful way to find a reason to add meaning to life.

For gays and LGBTs, adopting a surrogate kid is also legal in the US, which is likely to be followed by other countries.

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