How Can You Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home?

In case you are looking out for some simple and effective ways to flea control Hobart, then here are some tips to help you. Fleas enter your homes mainly through pet furs. If your furry friend likes to play in the outdoors, then he/she is more vulnerable to catching flea infestation.  

Here we have listed some ways of eliminating the fleas from your home. 

1. Use a mixture of baking soda for removing fleas-

One of the most effective ways of eradicating fleas is to sprinkle some baking soda in your rugs, and carpets and vacuum them after mild scrubbing. Also, regular vacuum cleaning is the best alternative for regular vacuum cleaning which can remove the fleas from your carpet fibres.   Likewise, regularly vacuuming of your carpet can also keep pests at bay. So, pay close attention to the places where your pets sit or lay down and focus on cleaning those parts so that the fleas are removed. 

2. Sprinkle salt-

Like baking soda, salt works in the same way. According to experts, you can sprinkle some salt on your carpet, let it settle for two days and then clean it up with the vacuum. The salt works as a dehydration agent that can quickly and naturally eliminate fleas without using chemicals.  

3. Lemon spray

Lemon has acidic properties and can work as a natural way for removing fleas from your home.  If your flee infestation is mild, then you can wash it with soap water as it can kill the fleas and also destroy the larvae and eggs. Also, consider vacuum cleaning your mattress and do not forget to cleanse the mattress on which your pet sleeps or sits. This is useful in removing fleas from your home thoroughly. 

5. Try using rosemary essential oil-

Fleas get repelled by the pungent smell of rosemary. This works well on dog fleas. All you need to do is to boil some rosemary with water and let it settle for some time. Afterwards, drain it and spray it around your home to keep fleas away. You can also consider spraying it on the fur of your dogs or cats to make sure that the fleas are eradicated from their bodies. 

6. Clean your furniture with steam cleaning-

Steam cleaning your furniture and pet beds is a great idea if you have pest infestation in your home. This combination uses a steam and cleaning solutions for eradicating fleas from your home.  

7. Use an effective vacuum cleaner-

Although steam cleaning can be very effective, you can also use an effective vacuum cleaner for making your home free from flees. You can pay close attention floor areas, mattresses, upholstery, mattresses, and also inner corners which are hard to reach.  

For pest control in Hobart, you can also consider hiring professional Pest control services to eliminate the fleas more effectively. 

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