How to Deep Clean Your Rug at Home?  

Rugs are significant investments. Taking care of them is easy with professional rug cleaning services, but when it comes to DIYs, you should be very cautious. But we have got you covered with a step-by-step guide for rug deep cleaning. Have a look:   

Step 1: Remove Dust Particles  

Dust particles can stand between you and the cleaning process like a stubborn monster. They refuse to let go of stains, germs and other pollutants. Also, due to soil particles in the fibres, your rug may experience constant wear, tear and friction. So, your first task should be removing these tiny destructive elements from your flooring. That way, you can proceed with the remaining steps.  

Here is how you can remove the dirt and dust:  

  • Vacuum the flooring deeply.  
  • Wipe off the visible dust particles with a broom.  
  • Shake your rug outside to remove loosely attached dust and dirt particles.  

These steps may not remove germs and stains, but it is crucial for a smooth cleaning.  

Step 2: Choose a Rug Shampoo  

Choosing a rug shampoo is the most significant step. If you choose the wrong solution, you may ruin your rug’s fibres forever. It can also cause colour bleeding. So, you have to be extra careful and consider these factors while choosing a rug shampoo:  

  • Your rug type 
  • Depth of cleaning requirements  
  • Colour types (Natural or artificial)  
  • Weaving design or threads  

After considering these factors, choose an environment-friendly solution, especially if you have a Persian or Oriental flooring weave with natural fibres, colours and threads. Green products are always safe. You can also ask professionals to inspect your rug and determine the best solution.  

Step 3: Test the Solution on a Corner  

Even if you have chosen a green solution, you should check it on a corner first. If everything is alright, you can move forward with the cleaning shampoo.  

Step 4: Work the Cleaner on Your Rug  

After testing, apply the solution to the rug and clean it with your hands. That way, you can focus on stubborn stains and dirty patches.  

Step 5: Rinse the Rug  

Proper rinsing is vital to remove soap residue from the fibres. If you fail to do so, the residue will act as dust particles and cause issues in the future. You can take a garden hose and spray it on the flooring for rug deep cleaning.  

Step 6: Remove Excess Water  

Using excessive water is not an issue, but not removing it is. So, ensure a complete dryness before using the rug. 

Step 8: Vacuum Again  

Vacuum the rug again to remove soap residue and similar particles.  

Most professional rug cleaning services use the same procedure. But they have safe solutions, expertise and advanced tools. They are trained to provide guaranteed results. After reading the process, you might know whether you can do it or not. So, get ready with the tools and start cleaning your rug today!  

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