How To Get A Visitor Visa 600 Extension To Stay in Australia?

Every year, a variety of international individuals migrate to Australia for different purposes. Students come to enrol in an Australian institute, while skilled workers look for employment opportunities. Tourists also come in a good number for various reasons like spending holidays with friends or family, business, cruise, or exploring this beautiful country. This is the reason why there are five streams under the Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Many people want to stay further after their visas expire, and therefore, get curious about how to extend their tourist visas. If you’re one of them, this blog is for you.

What are the five different streams?

The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 has five different streams under it, each of which has different specifications.

    1. Tourist Stream

This stream is for general tourists coming to Australia to spend vacations with friends or family or see this country. Both onshore and offshore applications are available for this visa, and the application fees are different for the two. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful while making the application.

    2. Business Visitor Stream

As the name suggests, the Department of Home Affairs issues this visa to international visitors who come to Australia for business-related purposes. These purposes may include signing a contract, necessary negotiations, attending a workshop or seminar or conference, etc. For this stream, only offshore applications are available.

   3. Sponsored Family Stream

With the Sponsored Family Stream, you can come to Australia and spend your time with a family member who will sponsor your stay. For this reason, this visa requires the family member to provide a formal bond. For this stream, too, you should not be present in Australia at the time of visa application and visa decision.

   4. Approved Destination Status Stream

This stream is designed for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel with an organised tour group. For this stream, you can apply only offshore.

    5. Frequent Traveller Stream

Another visa for the People’s Republic of China citizens, The Frequent Traveller Stream is granted to someone who frequently visits Australia for business and personal reasons.

What can you do with an Australian Visitor Visa?

With the Visitor Visa in Australia, you can do a lot of things.

    • As this is a visitor visa, you can happily spend your Australian holiday with your beloved ones and make it a memorable one.

    • You can enrol in a short-term course at an Australian institute. Short-term courses cover three months. 

    • With the Business Visitor Stream, you can fulfil your business commitments in Australia. But remember, you cannot work for any Australian company or provide public services like selling goods.

    • Working as a volunteer is allowed.

In addition to travel, this visa allows a holder to do other things too. That is why it is pretty common among people to look for a Visitor Visa 600 extension.

How long is the validity of the Australian Visitor Visa?

How long you can stay with the Australian Visitor, Visa 600 will depend on the stream you have applied for. As long as the visa remains valid, you can visit Australia once or as many times as possible. 

However, that will also depend on the specific conditions related to a stream. Keep in mind that your total period of stay should not cross the maximum number of days the Department of Home Affairs grants you. The validity of the five different streams is mentioned here.

    • The Tourist Stream allows a holder to stay for a maximum of one year.

    • With the Sponsored Family Visa, too, you can stay for a maximum of one year.

    • The total period granted under the Business Visitor Stream Visa is one year. But, on each visit, you can stay for up to three months.

    • A holder of the Frequent Traveller Stream gets a 10-year grant period. However, they also should stay not more than 3 months on each visit. 

    • If you obtain the Approved Destination Status Stream, you have to stay for the period specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

Guide to extend your visitor visa

If you want to extend your visitor visa and stay further, there are some options to explore. That will depend on the type of visa and the reason or purpose for the extension. Both tourist and business visitor visas usually allow holders to live in Australia for a specified period as a traveller, during which you cannot take up any job.

If you hold an ETA Visa or eVisitor Visa, you can apply for a new visa and extend your length of stay. Go through the following sections to get a comprehensive guide on Australian visitor visa extension.

Who is eligible for an extension?

    • If you want to obtain a 600 Visa extension, you will have to apply for another Visa 600 or a new type of visa.

    • If there is ‘no further stay’ condition imposed on your visa, you will not be able to apply for another visa while being in Australia. In that case, you will have to leave Australia on the exact date your visa expires.

    • Exceptions are made only in limited circumstances.

    • Holders of the Independent Executive Visa 457 currently residing in Australia can apply for the Temporary Business Entry Visa. It is a business visa extension.

How does the visa extension process work?

As the current holder of a 600 Visa, you can apply for a further stay. People staying in Sydney should make this application at least two weeks before the expiration of their current visa.

When will the Embassy grant you a new visa?

The Australian Embassy will grant you the new visa when you meet the following conditions.

    • You hold a valid Tourist Stream Visa (Subclass 600), eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651), or
Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601).

    • You have complied with all the current visa conditions. 

    • You want to lengthen your stay for only tourism purposes.

    • You satisfy the eligibility criteria.

    • There is no ‘no-further stay’ condition imposed on your visa.

Some essential points to remember

Here we provide some key points to keep in mind while applying for an extension.

    • All passport holders are allowed to apply online for the extension.

    • If the Embassy refuses to grant you a new visa, you have to leave Australia, unfortunately. You can stay 28 days after the decision is made, and in this period, you have to make necessary return arrangements.

    • Suppose the decision is not made on your new visa application and your current visa is still valid. In that case, you can stay in Australia until the Embassy gives the verdict.

    • If you start a new application in Australia but eventually cancel it before the decision comes, you should leave Australia within 28 days of the cancellation date. 

    • You will not get any refund of the application fees.

    • For a successful application, you can consider hiring an experienced visa agent from Perth.

How Can An Immigration Agent Be Helpful?

A top-notch Immigration Agent Perth can give you professional advice on making a convincing application to get the desired outcome. You will not get service for free, of course. But, the rates are affordable, and the services assure the best results.

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