How To Shop Online, Safely And Securely: Tips To Follow

I love online shopping. It allows me to enjoy the benefits of shopping from home and get a break from running around to pay bills. But I know there are many people who want to shop online but are afraid because they fear sharing financial information or giving out their credit card number in order to complete a purchase. In this article, we will discuss how you can shop safely and securely when using your debit card – which is still possible with these tips!

Shop with a credit card, not a debit card:

Credit cards offer greater protection and assistance from the card companies, so they have the power to prohibit or cancel transactions within a certain time limit if something goes wrong. Debit cards, on the other hand, send money when you make a payment. As a result, even if you have insurance, the money is gone after you pay it.

Use one card for all your online shopping:

It is simpler to keep track of transactions on one card, and you will be able to check your statement easily.

Use one computer (preferably password locked) for online shopping:

When you shop online frequently, use the same computer with a login password enabled, and have your purchases stored on that machine. It’s not just for preventing unauthorized users from accessing your computer; it’s also against some viruses (particularly trojans).

Use newly opened browser for all online shopping or payments:

Always refresh the browser and close all windows before making an online purchase. Also, don’t open numerous tabs while shopping or surfing. Use another browser for browsing; for example, if you use Google Chrome to shop, use Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera instead.

Always close browser window after completing purchase:

Close the browser windows after you’ve finished surfing, and then reopen them. This is very crucial since even banks request that you close your internet browser (not just tab, but all of the browser windows). The reason for both points is because browsers keep data on your computer in “cookies.” Sites that are trustworthy delete key security information when you close their session; however, it is safer to close the browser.

Never click on links in emails:

Do not click on links in emails, even if they are from someone you know. It might be a source of viruses and, as a result, system security risk. Who can vouch for the safety of your known contact’s computer?

Check the site name and URL in the browser address bar:

Always keep an eye on the site name and URL in the address bar of the browser when making a purchase (that is where you would type the website’s URL to get there). It will be beginning with the same site name, or it will be a third-party site such as PayPal, CCAvenue, etc. Before you make payment, make sure you are on an authorized site with the right address.

Look for SSL sign/padlock in browser address bar:

If you’re unsure, check for https:// in the address bar URL and for an SSL sign. SSL stands for secure transmission of data over the internet, which only the target site can decrypt. (When a server with a valid SSL Digital Certificate is accessed, users may see a padlock symbol at the bottom corner of their browser)

Use a latest and updated browser:

You may use any operating system you like, but for online purchases, it’s best to utilize the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6/7 pose a higher risk of security breaches and poorer viewing experiences. Avoid using outdated browsers like IE6/7.

If you want to shop online, it’s important that you protect your personal information and stay safe. We’re here to share with you some of the most important tips for shopping on the internet safely and securely so that no one can steal or misuse your data. Hope these mentioned tips will help you to shop safely in online. If you want to buy kakashi hoodie, naruto stuff, sasuke t-shirts, you can visit

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