Making your own Custom Printed Boxes for Packaging

Packaging is one of the most critical and essential tasks you will face as a product designer. And, as with every other industry, there is a fair share of counterfeit goods. The bad guys are in every corner, looking to make their mark. And your job is to make sure that no one else sees your interests until you’re ready to hand them in for storage. But how can you do it without going crazy? You can create your own custom printed boxes for packaging – that’s right, you can make your own custom printed boxes for packaging. And they are the perfect way to go beyond the walls of your local hardware store and into your backyard. Because, let’s face it, the earth is flat. There is no right or wrong way to package goods. But there are a few things that you can do to make your custom packaging box that is sure to impress.

Create a custom label

You can’t say no to a label. Not even for an engagement ring. So, you might as well make your custom labeling for your boxes. And, you can make it for plants, food, liquids, etc. If you make your labels a little long and detailed, someone will quickly realize that you are talking about plants and not about oranges. So, cut down the length and make your labels more basic. 

Line your packaging supplies

The great idea is to design your own custom printed boxes. But, first, you must have the proper materials. Line your supplies – you can use any fabric lying around the house, including packing paper, tins, plastic bags, bulletin boards, and cardboard boxes. There are a few things that you can’t do with custom printed boxes. So, you’ll have to line your supplies up and use them as-is.

Use your artistic vision.

One of the most important skills you can develop as a product designer is seeing things from other people’s eyes. You can’t make a good box out of shoddy materials. So, you need to be able to see things from someone else’s eyes and design their box with that in mind. And, to do this, you will have to learn to draw. And, you can’t do that by looking at ‘ piles of wood’ on your computer desktop. No, you have to draw things with your eyes. You can’t just ‘see’ the things coming out of the box. You have to touch them with your fingers or something else that will give you a better grasp of their feel and texture. If your friend’s box is beautiful, if it feels rich, if it makes you want to pick it up and go home, you will want to draw it. You will want to use your imagination to develop exciting new design ideas. You will want to try new materials and fabrics. You will want to take your eye off the entryway drawers and onto the kitchen cabinets. And if you can see things from another person’s eyes, you will know that their box is beautiful, they will know that it is made of suitable materials, and they will be excited to get their hands on it.

Experiment with colors

Another skill you can develop is your ability to see colors. You may not be able to see red on the color wheel on your computer, but you can see orange, yellow, and blue. And, if you put some red and yellow in your box, it will be just as pretty as if you had drawn it all with shades of red and yellow.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably realize that I’m not just an art dealer. I’m also an innovative business owner. And that’s why I’ve developed the Art of Packaging blog to share my ideas and experiences in the packaging industry. Now, before you get too excited and try to do things your way, know that there are a few things that you must consider before making your own custom printed boxes for your use. First, you must make sure that your supplies are in good order. If your supplies are mixed up, your package won’t look good. If you break a component, it will be evident that you didn’t fully understand its role in the box. And, if someone sees your box, they will assume that you did everything right and the box was a total flop. And the last thing that you must consider before designing your packages for your use is the level of skill you have. You have to see the concept behind your box and understand what makes it beautiful. That’s it for this article. Now it’s over to you to create your custom box packaging.

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