Masks have become a quintessential wardrobe accessory

The onset of COVID-19 in our country led to people adapting to the use of masks. Initially, even though this faced resistance, it has become a part of our daily lives at present. With the rising air pollution in India, we believe that masks are here to stay. This is why manufacturers have started to produce tasks that are more customized and designed making it a fashion accessory for us. Let’s take a look at the different designer masks in India!

The Combos

The combos are surprising & there is always a fun factor attached to them. Such sets of masks usually come in a pack of two and they have designs printed on them. These designs include popular Disney characters from shows like Aladdin, Monsters Inc. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc. Apart from designs, these covid masks for kidsalso make for extremely safe and highly breathable fits! 

The technology used in this range of masks is a bit different than other ranges. It uses a nanotech filter in the middle and one can use it for up to 500 hours and 10 washes. The masks are tested and certified by Nelson Labs in the US and have an adjustable nose wire. The loops are also adjustable to avoid putting strain on the back of your ears. 

The Airific range

The Airific range of masks comes in a myriad of designs. These masks consist of popular Disney cartoons and marvel characters like Deadpool and Black Panther as well. The Airific series does not stop at these franchises only. They contain collections of Star Wars, marvel, etc. The unique thing about these masks is the three-layer technology that they use. The masks are electro spun with a fiber nanotech filter in the middle layer. The outer and inner layers are made with cotton, linen, flax or hemp layers. 

The masks are capable of filtering out bacteria, pollen, and allergens that are even as small as 0.1 microns. Being certified by international organizations, the masks are made for easy breathing and high comfort. The bonus is that these tasks are sustainable as well as being made of biodegradable materials. You can buy these designer masks in Indiawith ease online!

N95 masks

Even though designer masks have become popular, N95 or covid masks for kidsstill go a long way to protect your kid. Their unique ability to ensure 95% filtering is something that other marks are not able to provide with ease. This is why we recommend that you can buy N95 masks for your kids if they have issues with dust and other allergies. 

Several different online stores offer the best masks available to you.

You can select for your kid according to the different available designs. These masks have become a part of your fashion and your child would love to wear their favorite Disney or Marvel character in their masks. Get online and check out the different designs available today to make safety special for your kid!

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