Sex Dolls Are a Substitute for Real Life and Satisfaction

I was shocked when a set of photos of Eva by Korean artist June Korea surfaced. Eva is a silicon doll, his imaginary girlfriend. They slept together, went shopping together, and had picnics together, like a real couple. The pictures are not pornographic, but there is an indescribable sense of loneliness.

Here’s what he said:

Because of loneliness, I have been photographing live-action dolls since 2002.

I have no shortage of socializing. But when I wake up alone, walk home alone after parties and work, or stand in a crowd, I feel lonely.

As a child, I naively thought that my family and friends would never leave me and that my fond memories would never fade. But I found that I still lost them over time.

While studying art in New York, I experienced separation from my then girlfriend. At that time, I had the idea of taking pictures of Eva as my imaginary friend. People will leave, but torso love dolls will not die. When I recorded it all in the fantasy world, it became forever.

I shot Eva intensively for 2 years. I am with her almost every day. We sleep, go shopping and have picnics together. We laughed together and cried together. We feel happy or alone together.

Passersby looked at us strangely, someone came and touched Eva, but I didn’t care. I know this relationship is not real. Loneliness as a human has always been a reality I couldn’t escape. But if you need it, the doll will stay with you forever and never die.

Why do we need a love doll?

In fact,mini sex dolls are a substitute and fulfillment for real life. It is very similar to the psychology of love, but is more inclined towards possessing and controlling a person. You may experience setbacks in real life, have difficulty building good relationships, or you may have psychological needs that cannot be met in reality. Therefore, this part of the fantasy can be satisfied in the virtual world.

Some people may not be able to express their wishes to a real partner, but they are comfortable with sex dolls. Of course, dolls cannot replace real people, but they can help our users satisfy some of their emotions, make up for their pain, repair their losses, and satisfy some of their psychological desires.

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