The 5 best graduate courses for a lucrative career

In the current market that is evolving at a rapid pace, having the right skills is what one needs to set up a lucrative career for themselves. This is why selecting the correct course is essential for your graduation. The best universities in Delhi NCR offer diverse options for graduate degrees that you can enroll in. Let’s take a look at a few courses that can get you the best jobs!

  • Btech – Computer Science and Engineering

With a duration of 4 years, a degree in computer science is just what you need to kick start your career properly. Encompassing a range of learning elements like computer networks, programming languages, cybersecurity, database management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, taking a Computer Science course will get you lucrative career options. Several big IT companies like TCS, Cognizant, and WIPRO hire CSC engineers. You also get ample opportunities to travel abroad on offshore projects. 

  • Finance & Accounts

If you’re not into technology, there’s no need to worry. Finance is a lucrative career field currently. Getting a in Finance & Accounts offers you an avenue to get into positions like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Chartered Financial Analyst, etc. This course builds your base in finance by teaching the fundamentals of accounting, taxation, business economics, organizational behavior, etc. Individuals in the finance profile get lucrative opportunities, and the salary for job profiles in this sector is particularly high. A good college in Gurgaon can get you opportunities into the best financial firms like Bajaj, L&T, HDFC, EBIX, Mahindra, etc. 

  • B.Arts in Journalism and Mass communication

Media has become the center point for our daily interactions. Whether it be online media, TV, or print media, the opportunities are vast. Enrolling into a B.Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication can open up avenues into a range of jobs for you like reporter, journalist, investigative journalist, TV anchor, photographer, videographer, creative director, etc. The course focuses on teaching students, the history of media, fundamentals of computation, media design, etc. A 3-year course can get you into the likes of Hindustan Times, India Today, Times Group, Zee Network, etc. 

  • Bachelor of Design in Interior Design

A bachelor of design from a college in Gurgaon in interior design is a course opening up lucrative career opportunities for you. The course teaches you the fundamentals of design like research strategies, architecture, CAD, Illustration, Drawing, Rendering, Layouts, Photography, design process, etc. Design offers more offbeat career paths and allows you a chance to establish your own brand. With a high demand for interior designers in the age of smart homes, this is a great opportunity if you have a creative flair. You can start your own firm or work for a renowned firm like Elephant Design, DY works, Landor, etc. 

We recommend you take a look at the different graduation courses offered by the best Universities in Delhi NCRto kick start your career in the right way. Lucrative job opportunities are widely available from the courses we have suggested. Go online and check out the different avenues you can opt for today!

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