What is a Model United Nations and why should you attend?

MUNs (Model United Nations) simulate international political conferences like the ones that happen at the United Nations in New York City or Geneva. They involve debate, research and negotiation skills – skills that can be applied in many different fields including politics, business and law. MUNs also provide students with an opportunity to try out their ideas as they would work as professionals later on in life without having any repercussions.

Reason to attend!

Model United Nations (also known as “MUN”) is an extra-curricular activity that simulates the functions of the United Nations. While each MUN conference has a different focus and structure, they all involve researching a country, role-playing delegates from that country, and debating current events in front of a panel of judges. Delegates are expected to research their assigned countries and come prepared with cogent arguments based on what would be acceptable in real-world negotiations. Participating in MUN benefits both students and members of the public alike. It builds teamwork skills, confidence speaking in public, negotiation skills & researching abilities while allowing participants to try out ideas that may assist them later on in life without any repercussions.

MUN club allows fellow peers and you to expand our public speaking skills, as well as improve our research abilities. It gives you an opportunity to feel what it is like to be on a big firm’s Business Development team or at the desk of a representative from France or Russia during their UN General Assembly session without having any major consequences.

It benefits everyone! Whether you are looking for leadership experience, want to bolster your resume, are passionate about world issues or just have the desire to learn more about different cultures, attending a Model United Nations conference can benefit you in many ways.


MUN benefits both students and members of the public alike by providing experience in negotiation, research & public speaking skills. It allows participants to try out ideas without any major consequences while giving them an opportunity to work as professionals. This type of training can help students hone their professional qualities from negotiating skills to research abilities. As a high school student, I have personally seen the importance of participating in a MUN club and has allowed my fellow peers and myself to expand our public speaking skills, improve our research abilities and feel what is it like working at big firms’ Business Development teams or being France’s or Russia’s representative during their UN General Assembly sessions.

Not only do Model United Nations benefit students, but they also weed out many of the best and brightest in the business world. MUN conferences encourage participants to learn about current affairs and debate issues with people from different schools around the country. This activity strengthens competitive skills & supports team-building abilities which are crucial for entry into most universities and businesses.

Plus, MUN is a great way to network! When you attend a MUN conference or club meeting, you meet like-minded students interested in international politics and diplomacy just like yourself. These types of personal connections can help with job applications after graduation as well as getting internships at top companies while still in college.

Change your life!

MUN will change your life because it has taught you that people from all different countries and cultures can come together and talk about world issues. It has also taught you how to think on your feet and be able to speak publicly. The Model United Nations has also taught you how to resolve conflicts in a diplomatic manner. It is not only beneficial to students but teaches educators and industry leaders alike. It will help increase your public speaking skills. You will learn to work with people from various backgrounds and cultures. It will teach you problems resolution skills in a diplomatic way (it’s not all war).

Model UN is a great way to teach students about global issues in an engaging manner. It teaches students how to think on their feet and speak publicly in front of large audiences. It also boosts students confidence when they participate in public speaking activities. These skills are extremely useful in life outside of school. For example, if you have a job interview or even when talking with your boss at work, knowing how to present ideas clearly is very important! Many universities are recognizing that attendance at Model Unconferences can give students an advantage when applying for admission.


The benefits of attending a Model United Nations are numerous. It’s given you the opportunity to develop skills in diplomacy, public speaking and problem solving that will serve you well no matter what career path you choose. You also have had an unforgettable experience with people from all over the world who share your passion for peace. If this sounds like something that might interest you or if you’re looking for more information on how it works, click here!

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