Why do Small Businesses need a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP business phone includes high-definition voice calling, video and audio conferencing, cloud PBX with auto-attendant, and other features and capabilities in a single platform.

It interacts with your mission-critical productivity business software, giving your company even more capacity to compete with major corporations.

With the ability to make calls through the internet, you can save a lot of money. 

You won’t have to pay any phone company costs because it uses your existing internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. Long-distance and international calls are far less expensive because you aren’t using thousands of kilometers of the copper line like with +++++traditional telephony.

Let’s take a look at why small businesses require a VoIP phone system.

The Difference

Traditional landlines

  • Invest in on-site hardware that is paid for in advance.
  • Invest funds for sophisticated implementations.
  • Contracts containing early termination fees are to be expected.
  • Service and hardware upgrade fees are exorbitant.
  • Premium technical support comes at an extra cost.
  • For maintenance, specially qualified IT specialists are required.
  • Requests for service changes frequently take a long time to implement.

VoIP systems

  • There is no need for on-site gear.
  • There is no price for quick implementations.
  • No monthly binding contracts.
  • Upgrades are available for free, and customer service is available 24/7.
  • Use your smart device to self-manage the system.
  • Add or repurpose lines anytime.

Key Benefits Oof Aa Small Business IP Phone

Exceptional Call Quality  

VoIP technology has progressed to the point where the person you’re calling or the person who’s phoning you can’t determine if you’re on VoIP or a regular landline. In terms of call quality, today’s VoIP phone service has even surpassed traditional landlines.


VoIP is much more than just making and receiving phone calls. Other communication capabilities included in modern VoIP systems include instant messaging, presence information, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and more.

With VoIP’s video conferencing capability, you can stay in touch with employees no matter where they are in the world to address important issues. Your staff doesn’t have to be physically present in the office thanks to this innovative communication solution. Instead, they can work from home or another country.

Voicemail and faxes are forwarded to your email account using VoIP. You’ll get all of your messages in one place — your email – using this system. You can also archive or forward messages using this method.


VoIP is far more secure than traditional analog telephone connections. This modern phone system uses defined encryption techniques to protect your calls and data, which you can’t do with a traditional phone line.


You can use your VoIP system from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. Complete calls from various devices, including your smartphone, guaranteeing that customers and colleagues can reach you no matter where they are in the world.

It also enables you to transfer calls to your colleagues without the need for customers to dial another number. You can also establish your status on this phone system to let your coworkers know whether or not you’re available to answer calls.

Automated Assistive 

Answers to common inquiries can be programmed into VoIP systems to aid customers who call after office hours. Holiday hours, normal hours, and other relevant announcements can all be programmed, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible service at all times of the day and night.

Call Recording Service

Calls can be recorded with VoIP, allowing you and your coworkers to replay crucial calls and ensure that important messages are not missed. You may also analyze call logs with this modern phone system to see what time of day customers call the most, how long each call lasts, and other useful information.

Productivity Improvements

VoIP boosts productivity by preventing “phone tag,” which occurs when two people try to call each other but can’t reach the other. Phone tag only increases consumer frustration, lowers sales, and limits the ability of small businesses to develop.

Configure business numbers to ring on numerous devices before going to voicemail when using VoIP. Employees and customers are less likely to experience phone tags as a result of this.

Why Customers Choose Aavaz FreePBX?

Designed with Business in Mind

More than limitless calling and conferencing, toll-free lines, and personalized caller IDs are available with Aavaz. There’s no need to switch systems because we also provide access to other features like messaging, faxing, and online meetings.

Complete Mobility

You may text, phone, and fax from any mobile device using your business number. Incoming calls are routed through the call-routing system you’ve set up for your office.

Quick and Easy Configuration

It simply takes a day or less to set up and run your full office. Customize your phone system and adapt quickly to the ever-changing business climate with complete control over your internet account.

Enhanced Security

With its highly encrypted networks and many levels of verification, Aavaz alleviates any security concerns you may have. We ensure that communication is secure throughout the transmission process.

The above are just some of the many benefits of VoIP business phonesphone for your business. Start-ups and small and medium-sized companies benefit greatly from it due to it being cost-efficient. 

Enjoy the above benefits and more with Aavaz FreePBX.

Contact Aavaz FreePBX now to learn more about small business IP Phone options.

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