Why You Should Use a Private Cord Blood Bank

LifeCells is a private cord blood bank that specializes in the storage of umbilical cord stem cells. Our staff has made it their life’s work to ensure that every client receives the highest quality service at all times, without any hassle or added cost. We are one of the newest and most advanced private banks in the industry, working tirelessly to find high-quality locations, assemble an expert team and develop robust working protocols for flawless service.

It is essential to use a private cord blood bank for anyone who wants peace of mind knowing that their stem cells are stored in the highest quality location, accessible at any time. LifeCells offers life-saving umbilical cord stem cell storage services with uncompromising standards and many additional features. We offer our clients more options than ever before, including convenient payment plans without hidden fees or interest rates. If you want life insurance for your child’s future health costs, we can assist you with this as well!

LifeCells believes everyone deserves access to life saving medicine in need – even if they do not have enough money today. This means developing affordable pricing structures that help families achieve their dreams while still staying within budget constraints. With a lifecell cost that is up to 50% lower than other private cord blood banks, we make saving your child’s life easier on the wallet.

LifeCells is a medical courier service that specializes in transporting blood and blood components between hospitals. LifeCells works with a network of nurses, hematologists, physicians, couriers, and other specialists to provide its clients with a quick and dependable service wherever they are located. Each client receives his or her own dedicated customer manager who guides them through the procedure as well as providing assistance and answer queries 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. LifeCells is here for you whether it’s on delivery day or years later.

LifeCells is one of the most advanced private cord blood banks in Discovery Park. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, features and lifecell cost – including adding new locations that can accommodate clients from all over world. LifeCells also provides life-saving umbilical cord stem cell storage with uncompromising standards at an affordable price point without hidden fees or interest rates!

All the way through, our complex processes guarantee that our customers receive the finest feasible experience. From the specially developed collection kit to CQC-regulated nurses to the discreet collecting procedure to tracked and temperature-controlled couriers to exacting laboratory processing methods to advanced storage facilities and our team of advisors, as a LifeCells client, you will get an unrivaled level of service.

LifeCells is committed to ensuring that your child has continued access to a variety of stem cell samples throughout their life, and we are likewise dedicated to raising public awareness of the advantages and possibilities of stem cell banking. Our team of specialists is active members of the medical research community, and we are doing everything within our power to assist advance the research agenda and increase public knowledge about stem cell therapies.

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