Your Perfect Flavor with IQOS and HEETS

Your perfect flavor awaits you. IQOS and HEETS are here to provide you with an extraordinary journey into a completely new adventure of java flavor and taste. With superior alternatives surrounding classic tobacco blends, new flavors for fans of menthol tobacco along with an exciting selection of astonishing aromatic tastes, we entice you to come to find Your Perfect Flavor at the nearest retailer near you today!

IQOS HEETS is proud to present a variety of flavors for an array of tastes; including endless classic tobacco blends as well as exciting new aromatic options. The first two options available are all-time classics found in any cigarette box around the world – Marlboro Red Regular 18, with its smooth bold taste that provides you with just enough kick paired alongside Camel Blue Original 18 providing a mellow yet satisfying flavor perfect for those looking for something more long-lasting than your average quick fix. We have also included three brand new hard-hitting options in our online store.

Although the term “heets tobacco” is sometimes used interchangeably with e-cigarettes, the items are unlike them since they utilize actual tobacco rather than e-liquid, which is typical in e-cigarettes. The concept behind heat-not-burn is that it allows users to understand what smoking a regular cigarette feels and looks like without breathing in combusted tobacco. Buy IQOS heets online today and we’ll ship them to your door free of charge!

Electronic devices that contain tobacco leaves and produce vapor when heated are known as not-burn products. When they’re heated, a vapor containing nicotine is produced, which you breathe in. They differ from normal cigarettes in their design, which heats the tobacco to considerably lower temperatures. The tobacco is cooked to 350°C in heat not burn devices, while conventional cigarettes burn and combust at temperatures up to 900°C. Despite the fact that the temperature did not cause burning items in heat, it was still sufficient for dangerous chemicals to be vaporized and breathed.

Because there is no combustion, or burning, which would otherwise release poisons, items that are not burned but rather heated to high temperatures over time will discharge fewer contaminants and at lower levels of attention.

If we ranked the items based on their current cancer risk, with the evidence they now have, we’d come up with something like this: conventional cigarettes, heat not burn products, then e-cigarettes. Specifically, the research compared someone who used heat-not-burn products to a person who still smoked. If we want to compare how using heat not to burn items affects your health to never smoking at all, there’s a high chance that the difference would be minimal.

Smoking is unhealthy for both the smoker and anyone around them. It’s also critical to quit smoking and all forms of tobacco use completely if you smoke. However, it isn’t realistic to try to go from being a regular smoker to being a non-smoker. People have been using nicotine and cigarettes in a variety of ways for centuries. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are new technological inventions. As mentioned before, they are not pure forms of nicotine. They contain other chemicals that can be harmful or toxic to one’s health as well.

Many people who vape claim it helps them reduce their smoking habit and eventually quit altogether, but research shows this isn’t always the case; some people end up using both conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes over time instead. If you do try vaping, make sure to follow through with your efforts at quitting entirely if you want to limit any potential risks down the line – use heat not burn products instead!

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